An Era of Instagram – Boosting Businesses

Instagram is the leading social networking site which witnesses millions of users worldwide and the number increases day by day. Its popularity is similar to other apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Instagram is a platform where one can post pictures, videos, stories and can share it publicly or keep it private. Not just teenagers or adults older people have started it using it frequently. Young generation follows the latest trends of Bollywood and Hollywood stars by following them on Instagram. This is the best way to stay tuned to the activities that stars are doing and get the latest updates. Aspiring bloggers and writers use it as a medium to showcase their skills online to get maximum attention from viewers. Blogs on fashion, travel, food, books, etc. are trending nowadays with thousands of people writing and posting it.

Pages related to gym and diet, fashion and beauty, travel, leisure, entertainment, and thrill are flooded with videos and images on Instagram. People follow those who have genuine maximum followers. While creating content the authenticity should be maintained and everything should be plagiarism free. With increasing competition people tend to miss out the quality while focusing on quantity; both these factors are helpful in the long term for effective publicity of the page. It has become a status symbol for adults and teens for gaining maximum likes on their pictures and followers. Recent studies have proven that Instagram and other social networking sites have a negative health impact on users. Youth waste more time online surfing, scrolling and swiping rather than focusing on academics. It’s an addiction which is becoming difficult to control as kids are reluctant to stop or minimize using it. Keeping the positive aspects of social networking in mind one should take advantage of it in a constructive way within time boundaries.

For a successful page/blog audience plays a vital role as they are ones who would appreciate good content and criticize bad ones for further progress. Catching people’s attention and reaching more number of people is a tedious task because the progress is quite slow. Technology and websites have made it easy to increase the number of Instagram likes and followers. It may sound bizarre at first, but yes business minded people opt for this way of purchasing likes online. It is necessary for those who want to expand and flourish their business of selling goods, beauty products, accessories, books, clothes, etc. by online mode. Bloggers and writers upload videos and pictures for their page, and for maximum reach, they can buy real Instagram video views and likes through websites. The likes are from real people and ethical methods are adopted. These websites provide round the clock service and method of payment is also easy.


If one wants to have a number of Instagram video views to publicize it, then this technique is a boon for them and doesn’t require much time. Youth should handle the content online tactfully and also concentrate in the real world along with the virtual one.  

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