Incorporate Web Design Features that Are Compatible with Instagram

Instagram is well-known worldwide because of its heavy focus on imagery. The Instagram concept seems to be a valuable lesson for businesses while marketing online and designing websites. The consistency and high-quality of pictures are not only great assets of Instagram they are also, necessary for driving traffic to your website as well.

As per, “Since Instagram launched business account profiles about two years ago, more than 25 million users have opted in for the free features that let you add contact and location details, see additional analytics, and purchase ads. The platform reports that 60% of its users discover new products on the platform, over 200 million people visit at least one business profile daily.”

Focus on Picture Quality

Brilliant new web design would necessitate a focus on showcasing high-quality pictures that web users could be impressed with and give a positive response. Businesses must take more proactive steps to incorporate more pictures and make the most of online imagery in their official websites. Be very careful while using pictures on your website. They should be stunning and of high-resolution. Your pictures would be speaking volumes about your brand image, brand vision, and the message that your brand wants to deliver to its target audience.

Adopt a Minimalistic Approach

Web users are just not interested in a cluttered website. User Experience (UX) is of vital importance. You need to effectively eliminate all sorts of distractions from your website that is compromising the overall user experience. Web users are perpetually in a hurry and they require finding the information they are looking for in the wink of an eye. It is a good and sensible web design if you exclude unnecessary clutter and keep the website design neat and simple. Avoid the use of additional widgets that may compel the visitors to immediately log off when they arrive at your site and come across these unwanted distractions.

Understand the Role of Instagram in Web Design

An important lesson to learn from Instagram is to understand the real significance of using the site frequently. Instagram is a highly popular social media platform that has worked for both businesses and individuals alike. You could showcase your business on Instagram in an attention-grabbing manner. You could showcase your unique products to reach a broader audience and you can share exclusive pictures relating to your business while you are in the office or even when you are on the move. You could boost the number of Instagram followers by posting stunning pictures of your business, design samples, etc. frequently on the platform.

Conclusion: Best Way of Gaining Exposure

Instagram seems to be an advantageous inclusion in your web design, particularly, for businesses which are having really stringent budgets. The popular platform would be promoting you and exposing your business to a much broader target audience across the globe. Moreover, you have the ease and convenience of editing and modifying the content whenever you wish. You have the full freedom to adapt or change your messages according to the need of the hour. You would be successfully targeting a specific audience and maximizing on your budget.

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.


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